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~ Retreat ~

Eleven years ago I said yes to a crazy stirring to gather women who felt the tension of loving their family, and also loving their work . . .

and things have never been the same . . .

since then more than 25,000 women have joined our community.

and at the height of it all, when everything was going insanely well...

 god put it on my heart to lay it down & walk away. 

insert intense heartbreak 

and simultaneously....  unexplainable peace.

as a society we've survived, grieved and made it to the other side.

as business owners, authors and podcasters, we've learned to pivot, dig deep, or step back.


As friends & sisters we've learned where we really stand, who our people are, and sadly, quite possibly, found ourselves alone after standing up for what we believe in.

as women, we've been attacked as a gender, given more of ourselves than we knew we had, And maybe, just maybe, lost a little bit of ourselves along the way.

As a ministry we've hosted 7 sold out conferences

and over 20 retreats in 10+ states

it's been exactly 5 years since we hosted our last event, and the world

is simply not the same place it was back then.

i mean, who has time to invest in themselves, or give themselves space to dream again when faced with all that?

i know i haven't.

But I truly believe that God is up to something, and He's nudging His daughters to rise again. To dream again. 

And to remember who we are, deep down, beyond the disappointments & trials of the past few years.

But I truly believe that God is up to something,
and He's nudging His daughters to rise again.

To dream again. 

And to remember who we are, deep down, beyond the disappointments & trials of the past few years.

you see the value in face to face connection, real hugs and lingering around the table.

you know nothing replaces late night belly laughs, wiping tears, laying hands on each other, and worshipping side by side.

if you feel that stirring too, than you are my people.

you know god is up to something even if you don't know
what the next step is yet.  you also know you need a tribe around you to cheer you on, bounce ideas off of, and hold up your arms when things get hard.

and if you're anything like me, you've been longing for a special time away to recharge.

And we have just the thing.

Do you feel it too?

Are you ready to rise up, shake the dust off, and step into what God has for you next?

until now...

and you're invited!

ever since our last conference i've wished and dreamed that we could someday, somehow, gather together again, but it never felt like god was giving it the green light.

after much prayer & waiting, and then some more prayer & waiting,
i am giddy to announce

pursuit retreat 2024!

join us april 22nd - 24th 2024
just outside nashville, TN 

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Together, we will share stories, give long hugs, vent hardships, celebrate wins, cry tears, laugh around the table, collaborate on ideas, help you map out your next steps, pray for each other. . .
and find sisters.



Let's face it, we aren't the same women that we were ten years ago, or even one year ago for that matter, and that's a good thing.  Our lives have changed, we've grown a lot, and our priorities have shifted.  Not to mention navigating a global crisis and taking on new roles we never before considered.  One thing I'm sure we all feel is a deep longing for rest, rejuvenation & blank space.  And that is exactly what we are intentionally creating for you.  We've picked out a beautiful place in the hills of Tennessee for relaxing, resting and soaking in God's creation.   Our schedule is loose, but filled with slow mornings, lingering meal times, worship, optional workshops, coaching, prayer, and encouraging one another.  If you're looking for an uplifting place to rest and be encouraged, this is it.


Join  us  for  3  days  to

There's just something indescribably amazing about finding your people.  The ones who get you not because they've studied you, or spent years and years with you, but because in some way or another, they are you.  They've had the same doubts, same fears, same dreams, same failures, same victories.  Just like you, they love the Lord, they love their families, and they also know God has placed big dreams on their hearts.  They get you because they've walked very similar roads.  They know the juggle of getting kids fed, keeping a home, and working on a project late at night.  So even if you've never met before, within a few minutes, it feels like you're lifelong friends.   Pursuit has hosted 7 conferences and over 20 retreats over the past 11 years,  and helping women find their people has been the very heartbeat of why we do what we do.  Are you ready to find your people?  If you are, come join us.  We've been waiting for you.

Let's just be honest.  Life now looks completely different for most of us than what we dreamed it would five or ten years ago.  Maybe life and marriage and parenting has you feeling ragged and exhausted.  Maybe you started a business back then that you are still running but it looks different than you thought.  Maybe you've laid it down to invest in your family.  Maybe God has led you to pivot to something else altogether.  And maybe, just maybe, something you've worked on didn't turn out the way you wanted, and it's left you heartbroken and nervous to step out, or dream again. 

Whatever your story has entailed, we know God isn't done with you yet.  He has more dreams for you, and we want to cultivate a space for you to hear from God, dream again, and be encouraged and supported to step out again.

We will be offering several optional workshops with experts in those fields to help you navigate next steps in an area you may be interested in.   Some of the workshop options will be:

* Publishing a book
* Creating a course, retreat or membership
* Podcasting 
* Developing & Selling Products
* Creating a brand that connects with your people

Because of the intimacy of our retreat.  These workshops will be very hands on, and almost like coaching sessions.  They will be at different times, so you can choose to go to all or none.  Our mentors will have plenty of time set aside to help you work on whatever area you are needing.

and it wouldn't be a proper Pursuit Event without our 


Art of Community Celebration Dinner

 So rest assured we're already dreaming up one for our retreat ... Nashville Style!

 Here are some videos of past events.  This retreat will be all the wonderful parts of our big events, with the intimacy that comes with a small group.   We are so excited!

  ( If you're a musician, hit me up )

APRIL 22ND - 24TH 2024

Ready  for  the  details?

tickets range from $899 - $1999 per person depending on your lodging & PAYMENT choice. 

the retreat center has many lodging options from boujie hotel rooms, to shared cabins, to vintage airstreams and even modern houseboats with rooftop decks!!!  All tickets start out at our base retreat price, and we will send you options to select your  lodging choice after registration.

  • 2 nights lodging 
  • all-inclusive (every meal provided by a private chef / catering company.  If you're a foodie, this is the retreat for you!)
  • art of community celebration   ( with special guest musicians ) 
  • worship & devotionals
  • times of testimony
  • many different workshops to choose from based on your interests.  (You can attend none or all  )
  • personal Photoshoot  to refresh your brand & socials
  • 3 days away to rest in a peaceful place, reconnect with  old friends & rekindle your passions
  • time for kayaking, laying by the pool & sleeping in
  • optional downtown nashville overnight add on



We hope you join us!



Tickets are non-refundable, but you can transfer / sell them if your plans change

If you choose pay in full, you'll save $200 off the payment plan price.

If you choose the payment plan, you'll be charged one payment to save your spot, and the next payments will auto-draft. 

Tickets are non-refundable, but you can transfer / sell them if your plans change

 since this is our first event in 5 years, and we only have 40 retreat spots, we know we will sell out. So if your plans change and you can no longer attend, it should be no problem to find someone to take your place and get your money back.  If you even think you want to attend, i would snag your spot with a deposit before we sell out.

If you choose the payment plan, you're committing to pay the full amount of the retreat, and must be paid in full before attending.

Twin / Twin with roommate

Private Queen Room
$1299 + tax

Twin / Twin with roommate Payment Plan

Private Queen Room
Payment Plan

$899 + tax

$1099 ( 3 payments of $367 ) + Tax

$1499 ( 3 payments of $499 ) + Tax

Room options

Here are some frequent questions

Still have questions?

  • Where will we be staying?

The retreat is being held at a small lake front resort exactly an hour east of Nashville's airport.

  • what are the rooms like?

the rooms included in the base registration are hotel style rooms that sleep 2 with a shared bathroom.  There are 2 twins in those rooms.  If you prefer to have a place to yourself, you can NOW SELECT A PRIVATE ROOM AT REGISTRATION.

  • Can we bring nursing babies? 

Babies under 5 months (non mobile) are welcome to join you, but you'd need to upgrade to a private room so your roommate isn't sharing a space with a baby.  We also ask that if your baby gets loud enough to interrupt teaching / prayer times that you take them out until they quiet down.

  • Where should I fly in?

The closest airport is BNA in nashville.  The resort is exactly an hour west of BNA.

  • What is the optional nashville night ?  

We aren't able to secure the party location until 90 days before the retreat, so more details will come as we have them.  The team is booking rooms at the graduate hotel downtown for the night of april 24th if you want to be in the same hotel as us.  We'd love to have you there!

  • How will I get to the resort?

if you are flying in, the best option is to rent a car, or share a rental car with another attendee.   You'll be added to a group thread with the other attendees so you can connect and make plans.



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